• Liberty Brunswick Project

    Liberty Brunswick Project commemorates the economic and cultural legacies of the shipyard during WWII to celebrate what the people of Brunswick did for the shipyard and what the shipyard did for the people.

  • Forward Brunswick

    Forward Brunswick’s mission is to inspire community commitment and raise resources to accomplish Brunswick revitalization projects.

  • Upcoming Events

    Events in the community are opportunities to be informed and involved. These events support the quality of life for residents, visitors, and stakeholders and foster economic vitality.


Forward Brunswick’s vision is to foster economic vitality as Brunswick’s community partnership leader.


Upcoming Events


  • Economic vitality is the result of many people in a given area having decent jobs, viable businesses, and/or profitable investments, with very few at a poverty level. The 2021 Poverty Guidelines per US Dept of Health & Human Services’s ASPE state that $26,500 is the guideline for a household of 4 people.

  • Per the 2019 US Census, Brunswick’s population is approximately 16,000.

  • Brunswick’s Liberty Ships Trail is a segment of the East Coast Greenway. The East Coast Greenway vision is a 3,000 mile route from Maine to Florida. Georgia will have 144 total miles but is only 13% complete.


    Downtown development, attractive surroundings, and available community amenities are community features that improve the quality-of-life for residents, visitors, and stakeholders. We partner with the City of Brunswick and other organizations to ensure revitalization projects are accomplished to foster economic vitality.


    Forward Brunswick’s partners are individuals and organizations that support our mission to accomplish Brunswick revitalization projects and foster economic vitality through community collaboration.

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