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Current Focus

Local revitalization projects and initiatives that positively benefit the community and foster economic vitality. These focus areas support the need for amenities, beautification, and development.


Transform public spaces into an anchor of relaxation, entertainment, and recreation in order to attract residents and visitors.

Mary Ross Waterfront Park

Partner with the City of Brunswick and other groups to advocate for final renovations of Mary Ross Waterfront Park.

Bike Walk Golden Isles

Act as an advocate in partnership with Bike Walk Golden isles to develop a Master Trail Plan for Glynn County.

Forward Brunswick Farmers Market

Hosted on the second & fourth Saturday of every month, the Forward Brunswick Farmers Market was created to:

  • Increase the availability of fresh, local food, helping to eliminate food deserts and hunger in the Golden Isles,
  • Support local farmers and food producers, and
  • Make downtown Brunswick a Saturday shopping destination for visitors and residents of the Golden Isles.


Improve the aesthetic of Brunswick to encourage financial investment and community pride.

Signature Squares

Act as an advocate for Signature Squares and other beautification projects in the city.


Revitalize underserved business districts to increase economic vitality for a diverse group of stakeholders.

Norwich St. (Gloucester to H)

Improve the economic vitality of the core downtown Norwich Street Corridor by attracting new residents and visitors to the area through the addition of housing and improvements to existing buildings & businesses.

Workforce Housing

Improve the lack of workforce housing conditions in the City of Brunswick by acquiring properties from the Land Bank or private sale and transform them into housing units.


Lay a foundation for growth and sustainability for Forward Brunswick by creating vital operational structure and documents.


Ensure growth and sustainability by creating a fundraising structure to support the program initiatives and administrative operations of Forward Brunswick throughout the entire life of the strategic plan.


Retain, develop, and increase Forward Brunswick’s human capital through recruiting new stakeholders and working toward shared interests throughout the entire life of the strategic plan.