Current Focus

Local revitalization projects and initiatives with high value to positively benefit the community and foster economic vitality. These focus areas support the need for amenities, beautification, and development.


Transform public spaces into an anchor of relaxation, entertainment, and recreation in order to attract residents and visitors.

Mary Ross Waterfront Park

Partner with the City of Brunswick to execute Phase 2 of the 2015 Mary Ross Waterfront Park plan.


Improve the aesthetic of Brunswick to encourage financial investment and community pride.

Liberty Brunswick Project

Commemorate the economic and patriotic legacies of the Liberty Shipyard by planting 99 trees to preserve history and celebrate our coastal location.

Golden Isles Inn

Support the Golden Isles Inn demolition to improve the appearance of Glynn Avenue/US-17.

Palmetto Trailer Park

Work with the city to create and execute an advocacy campaign to clear abandoned trailers at the Palmetto Trailer Park.


Revitalize underserved business districts to increase economic vitality for a diverse group of stakeholders.

Norwich Street

Reshape and reactivate Norwich Street through pop-up placemaking events and offering knowledge and experience in applying for city grants.

MathTalk Trail

Connect the Norwich Street business district to downtown and the Northside through a series of place-based learning sites located at various community gathering locations such as Brunswick-Glynn County Library, Kids Port Museum,  Rise Risley, and Roosevelt Lawrence Community Center.  

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